A kitchen with an oven that has a bottom drawer
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Don’t Store These Common Items In The Drawer Under Your Oven
You may know that your oven’s bottom drawer is for storage. However, it’s unwise to store items in the drawer that can burn when exposed to high temperatures.
Resist using the drawer to stockpile paper goods, including dishes and cookbooks, because they can catch on fire when placed in close proximity to heat sources.
Keep the drawer free of plastic bags, containers, and utensils, especially those made of melamine, which release toxic fumes under temperatures exceeding 160 degrees Fahrenheit.
Bamboo placemats and wooden cutting boards are susceptible to cracking, drying out, and burning when kept near high heat, so don’t put these items in your oven drawer either.
For the sake of your health and safety, never place flammable items in the drawer, including cleaning supplies, cooking oils, alcohol, flour, sugar, cinnamon, and citrus rinds.
Compressed orange, lemon, and lime peels also produce a flammable substance that can erupt if stowed in the drawer under your oven.