Small cabinet with limited space on shelves
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Double The Shelf Space In Your Kitchen Cabinets With This Genius DIY
When your kitchen cabinets are crammed to capacity but you still need to fit more in, try this hack by TikTok user @prettyhandygirl and expand your storage with a DIY double-shelf.
This hack organizes your cabinets more efficiently, opening up more storage by using vertical space, and it’s so affordable and easy you can make several for different cabinets.
For this project, all you'll need is a piece of scrap wood, a saw, a tape measure, a nail gun and nails, adhesive, a finishing nailer, some Minwax polyacrylic, and some paint.
First, measure your cabinet’s dimensions and cut your wood to create a shelf, two legs, and two pieces of trim the same length and width of the shelf to support it.
Next, nail the trim just below where you want your new shelf to sit. Then, nail the two legs to the front of the shelf and slide it onto the cabinet shelf, resting it on the trim.
For extra flair, you could paint your shelf, cover it in patterned fabric, install puck lights underneath it, or place some shallow baskets on it for storing small kitchen items.