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Drafting Chairs Vs. Ergonomic Chairs:
What's The Difference?
A drafting chair has an adjustable height and accommodates those who lean forward in their seat, and while it doesn't always come with armrests, it always includes a footrest. Ergonomic chairs, on the other hand, include multiple adjustable features, from lumbar support to back, arm, and headrests.
Drafting Chairs
Drafting chairs provide all the support and flexibility you might need while sitting, moving, and bending forward for long hours at work, and they pair very well with standing desks. Because of their taller height, though, standard office desks might not accommodate drafting chairs very well.
Ergonomic Chairs
Ergonomic chairs are durable, customizable, and designed for better posture — specifically with backrests that support the spine — so if you are at your desk for most of your day, this is a good investment. They are on the expensive side when it comes to office chairs, though, and they won’t fit every budget.
Which To Choose
Drafting chairs are popular for those that spend a lot of time working at a table or desk, need to move around a lot, or need extra room around their workspace. Meanwhile, those battling neck, shoulder, or back pain can find relief with ergonomic chairs, whose costs usually come alongside quality.