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Dream Home Makeover’s Shea McGee Best Advice When Mixing Flooring
Shea McGee is an interior designer whose business with her husband, Syd, has taken over on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. After transforming their first apartment together, the duo launched Studio McGee in 2014 and online retailer McGee and Co. in 2016.
Supported by over 3.3 million Instagram followers, their most recent successes have been their Netflix series “Dream Home Makeover,” a retail collection with Target, and a New York Times Bestseller, “Make Life Beautiful.” Fans are eager to hear advice from the entrepreneurs, and here, Shea shares her best advice for mixing different types of flooring.
Shea encourages the use of different types of flooring in your house, as long as it is done tastefully and correctly. Instead of using the same exact color with different flooring types, try using complementary colors that maintain a similar color palette and continue the overall flow of your house while breaking up your space into distinct areas with different uses.