Archway in living room
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Dress Up Your Doorways With TikTok's Classy DIY Arch Hack
Curved edges in architecture exude luxe, high-quality vibes. Thankfully, there's a handy DIY way to create interior arches out of nothing more than Styrofoam and joint compound.
Use a piece of Styrofoam that is as wide as your doorway. Decide how low you want your arch to hang, and in the center of your foam’s width, mark this distance with a pin or nail.
Then, figure out how low on the ends you want the arch to dip, and mark this spot on each side. Bend a flexible piece of hardboard around the pins, and trace the line of the arch.
Cut out the shape with a utility knife, and sand it with fine-grain paper. You can cut the foam in half at the center — the highest point of the arch — to make installation easier.
Use a construction adhesive such as Liquid Nails to affix the foam in place, then allow it to dry. Fill in any gaps with joint compound and joint tape to create a flush transition.
Once everything has dried and is exactly as you want it, paint the area to match the rest of your wall. You could also try decorating the arch with tile, trim, or other accents.