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Dress Up Your Kitchen Cabinets With This Festive DIY Ribbon Decor
Decorate your kitchen for the holidays with this DIY project that adds colorful ribbons to your cabinets. With all of the options, it’s easy to find a ribbon to match your style.
The only real requirement is that you select a type wide enough to be visible against your cabinet doors from across the room; a ribbon width of 2 to 3 inches should suffice.
Plan to use 1 yard of ribbon vertically for each standard cabinet, and another yard horizontally for every two cabinets. Cut strips 5 inches longer than the front of the door.
Get creative by going diagonal or off-center with your ribbon placement. Use handmade bows to add charm, or opt for pre-made bows in complementary patterns.
Secure the ribbons inside the doors using painter’s tape, and add a bow at the cross with florist wire. The result is a festive kitchen that radiates holiday cheer.