A woman painting antique wooden chest of drawers in blue or green, recycled furniture.
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Dresser Drawer Makeovers You Wouldn't Recognize
Changing drawers into shelves is relatively simple. Sand or strip the wood before painting or staining, and add one-inch-thick shelves inside the drawer, then mount it to the wall.
Turning an old drawer into a nightstand is slightly more involved, as you'll need to cut wood to make a new frame around the drawer with a base, sides, and a top before staining or painting.
After your frame and drawer are ready, cut four legs for the nightstand from 2 x 4s, or look for a banister post or baluster from your local home improvement store.
Coffee Table
You can repurpose an old, wide, deep drawer into a coffee table by cutting wooden boards to create a frame and adding new hardware and legs to make it the right height.
A wide and deep drawer also makes a great ottoman. Cut a wood board the same length and width as the opening of the drawer, and add some batting and fabric to upholster one side.
Once you have your upholstered top for the ottoman, paint or stain the drawer in a coordinating color, and when dry, secure the upholstered cover into place.
Under-Bed Storage
Repurposing drawers for an under-bed storage solution can be a quick and easy project. Simply attach casters to each bottom corner of the drawers and slide them under their bed.
To freshen up the appearance or to give a uniform look, sand the surfaces of the drawers, apply a few fresh coats of paint or wood stain, and upgrade the hardware.