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Dry Dishes In A Pinch With One Easy Chopstick Hack
Instead of drying your hand-washed dishes on a drying rack or with a towel, turn a pair of chopsticks into a low-profile dish drying rack.
For this hack, lay two chopsticks parallel to each other like train tracks. You can do this directly on the countertop or lay a dish towel underneath to catch dripping water.
Balance the rim of your glasses, bowls, and measuring cups across the two chopsticks. The chopsticks hold up the dishes, so they'll have better airflow, allowing water to drip out.
This airflow is key to faster drying time, spot prevention, less bacteria, and freeing up your counter space as quickly as possible.
Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial, so you can use the same chopsticks again and again. You can also easily take this "drying rack" on the go for camping, hotel stays, and more.