Clothes hanging on clothes rack in laundry room
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Easily Air Dry Laundry In A Small Space With IKEA's Popular Frost
The IKEA Frost drying rack is a perfect fit for small laundry rooms, opening out to let you dry even large or long items and then collapsing to store neatly out of the way.
A drying rack is essential to have since not all garments can handle heat dryers.
For example, elastic waistbands can melt, and wool, silk, or polyester items should be air-dried.
You can configure your Frost in various ways to suit your clothes and space, and to avoid creases that racks usually cause, put shirts on hangers before hanging them on the rack.
Be sure to place your rack in a dry room or your clothes will take longer to dry and will add to the room’s humidity. Using a dehumidifier will also help reduce your drying time.