Grilling food on Blackstone griddle
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Easily Clean Rust Off Your Blackstone Griddle With This Kitchen Staple
Rust tends to show up when your steel griddle has been exposed to moisture and air for too long. To remove it with ease, use cooking oil to penetrate and loosen the rust.
By cutting through the rust, cooking oil like extra virgin olive oil makes the stains easier to scrape and clean off. It also prevents future rust by forming a protective barrier.
Start by firing up the griddle and letting it run hot for at most 20 minutes to loosen the rust and ensure easy scrubbing. Then, let it cool and scrub with a metal-edge scraper.
Douse it with regular cooking oil and use a grill brick to give the metal surface a proper scrub. Use paper towels or rags to clean it until there is no rust residue on the towels.