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Easily Clean Your Cast Iron Pan With This Coffee Cart Essential
According to TikTok user @brunchwithbabs, using a coffee filter along with salt and a potato offers an effortless way to clean your cast iron pan and prevent it from rusting.
Start by cutting a clean potato in half and scrubbing the skillet with it. While you can clean a cold pan, it's best to warm it slightly before cleaning, but ensure it's
not hot.
Sprinkle salt, preferably kosher, to coat the bottom of the skillet. Then, scrub away food particles with the cut side of the potato, using the skin side for stubborn bits.
For best results, use a coffee filter in tandem with the potato to remove any caked-on food. Once the pan is clean, rinse it with water and dry it with a fresh towel.
To finish, season the pan with a high-heat oil such as coconut, vegetable, or canola, using a clean coffee filter to spread the oil evenly over the pan's
interior surface.