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Easily Clean Your Oven Rack With This Simple Aluminum Foil Hack
In order to clean your oven rack of grime and other burnt-on food, you can use aluminum foil either as a cleaning agent or a scrubber.
For regular grime and stains, put the racks in the sink and wet them with water before adding a drop of dish soap. Then, crumple foil into a ball and wet it with water, too.
Use the foil as you would a steel wool sponge, and
scrub the racks. Since the aluminum will have different crumpled edges and divots, it'll dislodge all sorts of grime.
If the rack is really grimy, cover it in aluminum foil, soak it entirely in hot water in a bathtub while laying it on a towel to protect the tub, and then place a dishwasher pod.
The foil will chemically react with the pod, loosening the grease and buildup. After a few hours, remove the foil, ball it up, and use it to slough off all the grease and debris.