New avocado plants growing in pots in the garden
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Easily Grow An Avocado Tree With TikTok's Genius Method
If you want to grow avocado at home, TikTok creator Arman Adamjan has shared a video in which he walks through each step of the avocado growing process, from seed to sapling.
To follow his method, eat an avocado and save the seed. Soak the seed in water for about an hour, then peel away the dark outer layer to reveal a light tan-colored pit.
Wrap the pit in a damp paper towel, put it in a plastic bag, and store it in a warm, dark spot, such as a cabinet above the stove, a bathroom cabinet, or a bookshelf by a window.
In a few weeks, the pit should begin to sprout roots. Suspend the pit slightly over a glass of water using toothpicks, ensuring it's positioned in a warm, sunlit area.
As the stem grows from the pit and reaches around 6 inches in height, trim the top 3 inches. When the leaves grow back, it's finally time to pot the young tree.
Fill a pot halfway with soil, place the sapling inside, and add more soil until its roots are covered. Keep the plant in a sunlit location and water it two to three times a week.
Fertilize the plant according to its growth stage. While it takes three to four years for the tree to produce fruit, you'll have a beautiful decorative houseplant
in the meantime.