Beautifully painted baseboard next to can of paint
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Easily Paint Your Baseboards With These 5 Pro Hacks
Clean Them
Baseboards can be one of the dirtiest places in the house, so if you don't clean them properly before painting, the new coat of paint may not adhere to them.
Use a mix of hot water and vinegar or trisodium phosphate-based cleaners, then scrub off the stain and dirt with a tough scouring pad. Let the baseboards dry and apply the paint.
Patch And Sand
After cleaning the baseboard, look for nail depressions and tiny holes that develop over time. Use a putty knife to apply wood filler to the holes and seal them.
You don't need to fill the tiniest cavities, as the coat of paint will conceal most of the small pores. Let the filler dry, then sand down their lumps and markings before painting.
Existing caulk often breaks down due to expansion and contraction, leaving open crevices. So, re-caulk to fill gaps between the wall and the baseboard for a smooth finish.
Cut the caulk at 45-degree angle to regulate the amount of caulk applied. Apply premium caulk and wipe off any excess with a cloth, which pushes the caulk further into the crack.