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Easily Propagate
This Gorgeous Houseplant With Just A Little Water
Before running to the store to buy more plants, consider propagating your existing flowers instead. For zebra plants, the process is as simple as placing them in a jar of water.
First, choose a stem from your zebra plant that feels firm, has visible nodes, and is 4 to 6 inches long. Cut diagonally just below a node and remove a few of the bottom leaves.
Place the cutting in a container of water, making sure that the nodes are submerged while the bottom leaves stay dry, before placing it in a warm area with indirect sunlight.
Maintain a temperature of around 70 degrees F, and refresh the water every couple of days until you see an inch or two of healthy roots. Then, transfer to a pot for further growth.
Fill a pot with well-draining potting soil, make a hole in the center, and insert the cutting before watering it thoroughly. Keep your new zebra plant in bright, indirect sunlight.