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Easily Put Painted Cabinets Back Together With This Easy Tip
Before you paint, you’ll want to number all of your cabinet doors and drawers, while giving each hinge a letter. This will make reassembling your cabinets easier.
Count your upper wall cabinets from left to right, and number each cabinet "box." Do this again for the lower ones, picking up where you left off from the top.
For cabinets that have two doors, you will need to write 1L or 1R on each one. When you’re ready to move on, use the letter "a" for upper hinges and "b" for lower hinges.
Use a pencil or permanent marker with painter’s tape to label. To put it back together, your parts should include box 1, doors 1L and 1R, and hinges 1La, 1Lb, 1Ra, and 1Rb.