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Easily Remove An Old Bathtub Drain Using This Method
You may need to remove and replace old bathtub drains if you’re installing a bathtub, if there’s a drain leak, or if you’re doing a deep cleaning.
To start, remove the tub stopper or drain screen to reach the drain fitting. Then, use a plug wrench or locking pliers to clamp onto the drain basket’s metal crossbar.
Turn the pliers counterclockwise and remove the drain. Clean away the old plumber’s putty around the opening.
You still may need to call a plumber in the end, especially if the drain stopper is stuck after you’ve tried unscrewing it, or if the basket gets stuck or breaks.
Another reason to call a plumber is if some of the plumber’s putty you clear away falls down the drain, as the compound doesn’t break down and could lead to a clog.