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Easily Remove Super Glue From Hands With A Medicine Cabinet Staple
Removing hardened super glue from hands can be a tricky affair, but there is an easy and effective solution readily available in most medicine cabinets: Vaseline petroleum jelly.
The process involves initial cleansing of the affected area with gentle soap and warm water to loosen the adhesive. Then, dry the skin with a clean microfiber towel.
Next, take a generous amount of Vaseline and gently rub it over the hardened glue. This step requires patience since forcefully removing the glue could damage the skin underneath.
Once the adhesive loosens and comes off your hands, wash the area again with mild soap and warm water to remove any remaining glue and Vaseline. Finally, pat your skin dry.
If any adhesive remains, repeat the process until your skin is completely free of the glue. If your skin gets damaged during the process, it's advisable to seek medical assistance.