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Easily Unload Your Costco Groceries With This Clever Hidden Door Hack
A viral TikTok hack shows a garage and pantry attached by a secret door nestled inside floor-level cabinets. It’s big enough to hand boxes through but still remains tucked away.
In the video, a lower cabinet opens to reveal a "Costco door," where family members can pass large and small items directly from the garage and car into the house.
The family has the door directly attached to the pantry, making it easy to put everything away. Buying in bulk requires effort, so having easy access to your kitchen is a perk.
A TikTok user notes that the size of the door depends on the pantry. An extensive pantry may require a full-size door, but smaller spaces will look better with a tiny door.
The key to this trend is having a cooking area next to your garage. Costco doors come with a closure, but remember to keep them closed against the outside when not in use.
The drawbacks of a Costco door depend on the pantry. If it’s small, the grocery opening could cause things to pile up and make it hard to organize once items have been slid inside.