Monarch butterfly on orange garden flower
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Easy DIY Butterfly Feeders
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Make At Home
If you wish to attract butterflies to the backyard, there are two different butterfly feeders you can simply make at home with just a few household items.
The first option is a jar feeder. Punch a hole in the lid of a jar with a hammer and nail, cut a piece of sponge to fit snugly inside the hole, and fill it with sugar water.
With the use of some twine, hang the jar from a tree branch upside-down. Adding faux flowers to the outside might encourage more butterflies to
land there.
A second option is a saucer feeder, which can also be hung from a branch and can either hold pieces of fruit or sponges soaked
in sugar water.
Punch four evenly spaced holes around the rim of a plastic plate or yogurt lid and thread a 2-foot piece of string into two holes that are across from each other.
You’ll then need to tie knots to keep them in place before repeating the process with the other two holes, tying the two top strings together, and decorating
how you’d like.