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Easy Ways To Fix Rotted Wood
Wood rot is actually decay caused by a fungus that grows with a moisture content of 20% or more and can affect more than just major wooden areas like decks or attics. Check your home’s siding, roof, windows, and door frames for discoloration, splintering, or musty odors that can signal wood rot.
Stop woot rot from spreading by using decay-resistant or pressure-treated lumber. Make sure to individually paint or stain each piece before using it, and clean your gutters regularly to prevent water backup that can overflow onto your siding.
Get Rid Of Rotted Parts
Use a claw hammer to scratch the rotted area and loosen it up while being careful not to damage any of the healthy wood. Removing the rot is easier when it’s soft and loose, and you can use a V-shaped bit router to ensure that you’re only left with good wood.
Stop The Moisture
The best way to get your wood rot under control is to stop the source of the moisture. Depending on where the fungi are growing, you’ll need to fix any cracks or leaks in the walls and floors, install a ventilation system, or seal any door and window frames.
This substance is a mix of resin and hardener that can benefit your wood after you’ve cleared out the rotten parts. Simply paint the wood with a binding agent, then use a putty knife to mold the epoxy into the wood, scrape off the excess, and let it set overnight.