Folded towels stacked together.
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Easy Ways To Upcycle Old Towels Around The House
Cleaning Rags
Cut your old towels into smaller squares to turn them into reusable cleaning rags as a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to single-use paper towels.
Drink Coasters
For this, cut old towels — especially patterned ones — into squares or circles, and hem the edges. You can also create a double layer for extra absorption.
Mop Pads
Turn old towels into reusable mop pads. Trace the mop head, double the length, and attach velcro to each side before cutting a section in the middle for the mop handle.
Create Pillows
Align the edges of two equal pieces of towels, glue or sew them with one side open, and fill them with fiber. Alternatively, stuff old towels into pillow covers.
Turn old towels into washable and super absorbent rugs. Simply cut towels into strips, twist them together, coil them into a spiral, and sew each towel ring together.