Person pulling weeds from the soil
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Effectively Smother Weeds In Your Flower Garden With This Tip
Whether you’re trying to salvage an existing flower garden or create a new one, the best method to control weeds is to smother them with a black plastic sheet or organic mulch.
Lay a black sheet across your plot, leaving holes for any existing flowers you want to keep growing. While UV-stabilized plastic works best, any weighted material will do.
The tarp creates a dark, humid environment that kills any growth trapped beneath it. It may take a full season before all weeds are effectively suffocated, so it is time-consuming.
If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly method of smothering, you can use cardboard and organic mulch instead. This technique looks nicer and offers more nutrients for the soil.
Lay cardboard over the soil, then cover it with lawn clippings, wood chips, and leftover food scraps. Be careful not to apply too much organic material, which can cause rotting.