Hanging artwork on a wall above a sofa
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Elevate Your Artwork With This Simple Curtain Trick
Interior designer Sarah Gibson demonstrated how she used curtains in her home as an accent above her bed, as well as her great hack for hanging artwork over the curtains.
After you have measured out the center of your hanging area and where the artwork will be placed, prepare the frame itself. Many frames already come with a wire hanging apparatus.
However, you will want to use metal picture hanging hardware with teeth. Determine how much space you’ll need between the wall and the frame to successfully clear the curtains.
With this measurement, create two blocks with scrap wood connected by a longer piece that’s the vertical length of the frame. It’ll sit vertically against the back of your artwork.
Attach two wooden blocks to the wall securely using drywall screws, then attach the longer vertical piece between them
with screws.
Place a hanging nail at the top of your vertical piece for its toothed hanger to rest on. Use sticky tack to stabilize the bottom of the frame against the vertical support.