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Elevate Your Living Room With One Simple Peel-And-Stick Hack
A simple and stress-free way to take your living room space from drab to fab involves a peel-and-stick metal strip and a good eye.
Peel-and-stick metal strips have an easy application and usually won't hassle you during removal, as demonstrated by TikTok creator @everythingeryn.
Simply remove the paper from the adhesive lining and stick it onto the wall in a simple two-step process. You can use it as its own decoration or to frame portraits and art.
You can find various types of metal strips on Amazon that will make your living room modern and sophisticated, such as the K&S Precision Metal strip, which costs around $9.
However, keep in mind that the adhesive on the back of the metal strip is very strong and can flesh off your paint, so be extra careful where you place them.