A hummingbird feeding on a flower
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Encourage Birds To Visit Your Yard With This DIY Popsicle Stick Birdhouse
A birdhouse in the garden enhances its aesthetic appeal while maintaining a balanced garden ecosystem with natural pest control. To build your own birdhouse, use popsicle sticks.
As advised by TikToker @aboderie, start by arranging the popsicle sticks to form a square base. Secure them with glue and build the walls by attaching the sticks around the base.
Build upward, layer by layer, about four to five layers high. Next, spread two small sticks to the base's width and glue several sticks across them to create half of the roof.
Repeat the process with two more sticks for the other half of the roof. Glue both sections to the base across from each other, their other ends meeting in the middle to form a roof.
Now, attach a string or wire for hanging. Choose a location safe from harsh weather and predators to place your homemade birdhouse.