A robin perched on a branch
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Encourage More Songbirds To Visit Your Yard With These Helpful Tips
Offer Right Food
To attract the right birds, provide their preferred
food. Bluebirds love live mealworms, dried mealworms, and berries. To lure finches, provide fresh thistle seed.
Attract the bright orange of the oriole family with fresh oranges and grape jelly made with sugar. Robins will come for fresh fruit such as berries and apples, or forage.
The Right Feeders
Birds have preferred methods of eating. The most important aspect of attracting birds to your bird feeder is having adequate protection for them while they eat.
Hang feeders high off the ground away from bushes and trees to protect from predators and pets. Install protection against squirrels who will scare off birds and eat their food.
Provide Fresh Water
You can increase the birds in your yard by adding a source of water. There are a few things to look for to ensure your songbirds can drink and bathe safely.
Get a shallow birdbath. A casserole dish or baking pan three inches deep will work, and to protect birds from predators, place it on a table a few feet off the ground.