Closeup of a tree stump.
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Epsom Salt Makes Removing Stubborn Tree Stumps A Breeze
The cost of removing a pesky tree stump on your property can put a dent in your wallet. However, Epsom salt can prove deadly for an unsightly tree stump.
Drill several 1-inch-wide holes on the stump's surface, spacing them at least three to four inches apart and down to about eight inches, to allow for deeper salt penetration.
Fill the drilled holes with Epsom salt 3/4 up, then add water to keep the salt moist. Plug the holes with wax and cover with a non-porous tarp to allow the salt to kill the stump.
Repeat the procedure every three weeks until the stump is dead, and dig it out using a shovel. Alternatively, you can also use the soaking method to remove a tree stump.
For the soaking method, combine one gallon of Epsom salt and two gallon water in a bucket. Pour it over the tree stump and its largest exposed roots and cover it with a tarp.
Repeat this method at least once a week and chip away at the wood as it decomposes. Finally, pull out all the stump remnants and the root system when it completely dries out.