Two outdoor wooden chairs and table.
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Erase Stubborn Furniture Scratches
With This
Cinnamon Hack
If you've got some wooden furniture that's in need of a little TLC, you can turn to cinnamon for a quick and fragrant solution.
Ground cinnamon can help fill in dents, scratches, and scars on your wooden furniture while also restoring your furniture's original vibrant coloring.
Just grab some ground cinnamon, sprinkle it liberally over the site of any scratches, and rub it in with your fingers
or a paper towel.
Once rubbed, you'll quickly see its rich red-brown color darkening any scratches and scrapes. Wipe the excess away and repeat until satisfied with the final result.
It is important to keep in mind that while cinnamon can render small scratches invisible, the spice
cannot undo damage
or restore varnish.
Another limitation of this cinnamon hack is that it works best on real wood furniture and isn't as effective on laminate or imitation wood.