Erin Napier attends Build Series to discuss the new season of "Home Town."
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Erin Napier Shares The One Outdoor Decor Element She Never Skips
When decorating an outdoor space, Erin Napier never neglects to add a naturally made rug to create the perfect scene.
Outdoor rugs and runners are both practical and stylish and they can transcend a drab, alfresco space into an alluring sanctuary.
On “Home Town,” Napier has often shown how to decorate with an outdoor rug, especially when positioned with complementing
décor and furnishings.
Outdoor rugs go well with your pool lounge furniture, under a hammock or swing, or by the outdoor kitchen
or grill.
You can also add comfort by placing one on a terrace with an intimate seat for two, or center a larger size amidst a fire pit and couches.
But because rugs receive a lot of foot traffic, you may want to explore a sturdy, weather-resistant type rug wherever your exterior haven exists.
When it comes to the best materials for outdoor rugs, acrylic, nylon, polypropylene, or polyester are generally substantial and lightweight while easy to clean and maintain.
Olefin is stain-resistant and good for the grill area. Jute and sisal are also strong, all-natural materials that go well with many designs, however some may not tolerate humidity.