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Erin Napier Shows Us
How To Stay Protected From Mosquitos
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Even though mosquito nets are nothing new, HGTV's Erin Napier chose to cover her children's beds with one so they wouldn't have to worry about getting bitten as they slept.
Besides deterring mosquitos, "these hanging canopies give off a fantastical princess feel that can offer a touch of whimsy or regality," Napier explained in an Instagram post.
The nets are available for as low as $18 on Amazon. You can get a double-sided one that hangs from a single point or the one that hangs from multiple points in the ceiling.
Ensure the net is correctly hung and that you are not sleeping up against it, as mosquitoes can bite through. Regularly check the net for holes so there are no vulnerable openings.
You will also want to tuck your net under your mattress for extra protection to help keep mosquitos out or have one long enough
to reach the floor.