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Erin Napier's Kitchen Color Choice Is Controversial, But Experts Love It
In Season 7, Episode 18 of HGTV's "Home Town," Erin Napier paints kitchen cabinets a deep burgundy, and although red is an unpopular color choice, interior experts are loving it.
In an interview with Homes & Gardens, interior designer Nicholas Kaiko says that despite red’s controversial reputation, the bold color "adds a unique touch to kitchen design."
For Napier, red cabinets inspire joy and this unique shade of deep red contains warm undertones that look similar to a polished version of a rich red wood.
The red shade also brings an attention grabbing vibrancy to the room. As expert Danielle Nagel says, "Let red be the focal point, and tie it into a few parts of the room."
Kaiko also explains that "In the kitchen, where gatherings and family activities frequently take place, using red can create a welcoming and inviting ambiance."