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Essential Cleaning Tasks You Should Be Doing In Your Bedroom Weekly
Dust your bedroom furniture at least weekly to remove respiratory irritants like dead skin, dander, and potentially harmful particles like lead, asbestos, or flame retardants.
Clear the surfaces of all items, like books, jewelry, or electronics; wipe the surfaces down with a microfiber dusting cloth; then wipe each of your items before replacing them.
Vacuum or mop your floors every week to remove dust that can irritate allergies or asthma. Vacuum after dusting to pick up the particles you dusted onto the floor.
According to the Carpet and Rug Institute, regular vacuuming also protects carpets and helps them last longer by removing trapped dirt and debris that damages the carpet fibers.
Doorknobs and light switches are likely to be germy because they’re high-touch surfaces, so it’s important to clean them regularly to stop them from spreading germs.
Clean them at least twice a week, preferably with a disinfectant to kill the germs. Make sure to follow the directions of the disinfectant you use to maximize its effectiveness.
Your sheets need to be laundered frequently to remove dirt, dead skin cells, bacteria, and dust mites, which could negatively impact your health or sleep quality.
Change them at least every two weeks, or once a week if your pets sleep in your bed or you live in a warm climate, to prevent issues like ringworm, scabies, allergies, or eczema.
Vacuum your mattress weekly, spot-clean stains with a soapy cloth, and let it air out before remaking the bed. Always check the mattress manufacturer's guidelines first.
Deep-clean both sides of your mattress every six months by vacuuming, spot-cleaning, sprinkling baking soda all over, leaving it on for two hours, and vacuuming again.