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Oils Are
The Secret Weapon Your Smelly Litter Box Needs
While the direct use of undiluted essential oils containing phenols can make your cat ill, essential oil sprays and diffusers can be safe and great ways to combat litter box odors.
Make a mixture of 2 cups of water and 20-25 drops of your favorite oil, but keep your homemade spray out of reach of pets to avoid any accidents of direct ingestion.
Lemon, orange, spearmint, peppermint, and cedarwood are good to use, but frankincense, lavender, and chamomile are phenol-free oils that are safe for diffusion near litter boxes.
Catnip, thyme, olive, and honeysuckle are wholly pet-safe options, but always check labels for phenol as an ingredient before using it in or around your cat’s litter box.