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Essential Tips To Chose The Right Size Hardware For Kitchen Cabinets
Cabinet hardware is crucial in kitchen renovations. A general guideline suggests hardware size should be approximately ⅓ the width of drawers or the height of doors.
Measure carefully for shaker-style cabinets or those with vertical stiles so the hardware fits. To refresh existing cabinets, measure existing holes to avoid patching and painting.
To determine the appropriate hardware size for your space, start by considering the size of the drawers. For drawers under 12 inches, opt for a 3- to 4-inch pull or knob.
Cabinets between 12 and 30 inches should have a 4- to 8-inch pull or a large knob. Drawers over 30 inches should use a pull over 8 inches. You can incorporate two pulls or knobs.
For complementary door hardware, you can use the same size and type of pull on your cabinet doors or try mixing and matching types and sizes for visual appeal.
For upper cabinets, opt for shorter pulls or knobs, while lower cabinet doors can have knobs or pulls around ⅓ the size of the cabinet.
Longer pulls are best suited for lower cabinets or larger doors to balance the kitchen's visual weight and avoid a top-heavy feel.