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Essential Tools For Safely Sharpening Lawn Mower Blades
In order to safely sharpen lawn mower blades, it’s best to use a set of products that’ll simplify the process or products that make it easier to do a perfect sharpening job.
For freehand options, hand tools like Smith's 50603 Handheld Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener and the SHARPAL Chef Knife and Scissors Sharpener & Garden Tool Sharpener are best.
Perhaps the most familiar of these is the GardenSharp Lawn and Garden Tool Sharpener. It’s $12.99 at Tractor Supply and identical to the popular AccuSharp knife sharpeners.
For handheld electric options like an angle grinder or Dremel, the best solution seems to be the Dremel A679-02 mower sharpening attachment, which is around $22 from Amazon.
The Dremel guides the sharpening angle and should prolong the life of the blades and keep them more balanced than freehand approaches.
Sharpening solutions that require you to remove the mower blade will usually give you higher quality results but at a significantly higher price.
The Work Sharp Ken Onion Knife Sharpener Tool and an accessory, the Work Sharp WSSAKO81112 Blade Grinder Attachment, are both highly regarded tools.
The tool is $139.95 on Amazon and the accessory is $79.95. The hardware was designed by renowned knife designer Ken Onion for belt-grinding mower blades with near-perfect results.