Assorted vinyl planks
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Everything You Need To Know Before Cutting Vinyl Plank Flooring
Installing vinyl plank flooring is easy with a utility knife and accurate measurements, but planning well and knowing the different cutting methods will help you reduce wastage.
You’ll also need a measuring tape, a T-square, or a straight-edge ruler to measure your planks, and remember to work safely by wearing knee pads, gloves, and safety goggles.
Before cutting, leave your planks in the room where they’ll be installed for at least 48 hours to acclimate, as vinyl is porous and will contract or expand with humidity changes.
The cutting tool you use depends on the type of cut needed. For most straight cuts, especially along the width of a plank, simply score it with a utility knife and snap it in two.
A trick to help you snap straight after scoring the cutting line is to align the scored line with the edge of a sturdy desk and push downward to break the plank along the line.
For irregular shapes, small pieces, or thicker planks, mark the line and score it repeatedly until there’s a deep groove, then snap it. Alternatively, use a miter saw or a jigsaw.