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Executive Desk VS. Roll-Top Desk: What's The Difference?
An executive desk is bigger than most, and it’s built for anyone who is ready to lay out all their papers and get work done. The roll-top desk is smaller, but it's also the perfect desk for a writer who needs specific storage, and — of course — it has a top that can roll down.
The average executive desk is around 60 inches wide, 30 inches deep, and 30 inches high, with the biggest desktop of any style of desk. Roll-tops differ in size, but are usually about 6 inches narrower and 17 inches taller than the executive.
Although larger, the executive desk tends to actually cost less than the roll-top desk. Typically, executive desks can be bought for around $900, while roll-top desks average out to be around $1,750, so a price difference like this could be a dealbreaker.
Pros and Cons
The executive desk has many pros —including its suave design and ample storage space — but the size can also be a drawback. One pro of the roll-top desk is its small size, which is helpful in moving the desk wherever you'd like it, but its flat back design means you can really only put it against a wall.
Interior Design
Executive desks are best suited in modern, bright, and minimally styled rooms, with neutral walls and bold rugs and drapes. Meanwhile roll-top desks are more evocative of eclectic 19th century design, which requires more creativity with different patterns and genres incorporated throughout the room.