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Expand Your Storage Space With These Easy DIY Closet Shelves
If you have limited closet space, finding prefabricated shelving options could be a challenge. A better and more affordable alternative would be to build your closet from scratch.
Start by measuring the space and planning out the shelves, and check for potential obstacles like outlets or switches. Consider the door opening and the closet's header, too.
Buy plywood or MDF sheets and cut them to size for the shelves, supports, and front trims, or use ¾-inch by 15 ¾-inch by 8-foot melamine shelves like YouTuber Sunny Side Home.
Keep your sketch handy as a reference, and mark the wall where you'll place the shelves. Use a stud finder to locate the studs where the shelves and its supports will be attached.
Install support boards if there aren't enough studs for extra sturdiness. Next, cut your shelf supports from scrap trims or directly from your shelf boards, ensuring they're level.
Drill them into the wall studs and any vertical supports. Fill any holes left by your Brad nailer with putty, and consider painting the supporting shelves to match your wall.
Size your shelves and cut them using a circular or miter saw. If you're using plywood, sand them, apply a coat of paint, and finish with a layer of polyurethane for protection.
Attach the shelves to the supports with nails. For corners, add extra support boards at the seams where two shelves meet for enhanced stability.
Complete the installation by caulking the seams where vertical supports meet the shelves for a polished finish. These shelves will now make the most of your limited closet space.