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Expert-Approved AC Efficiency Tips To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer
Traci Fournier has worked in the heating and cooling business for 10 years and spoke exclusively with House Digest on how to keep your house cool and costs low this summer.
Fournier suggests making an upgrade to a programmable or smart thermostat. These can help you save on your monthly bill by letting you schedule when your AC turns on and off.
Fournier recommends using a cool mist humidifier along with a ceiling fan, which is an efficient way to lower the temperature in the area without using a great deal
of electricity.
AC equipment must be properly maintained in order to run efficiently. Fournier adds, “When it’s not performing at peak levels, it’s overworking and driving your bill up.”
Placing plants with larger leaves throughout the home can block some of the sun. Fournier says, “This is a strategic and attractive way to keep the room's temperature down.”
Fournier also suggests blocking sunlight by installing blinds or heavy curtains, blackout curtains if necessary, especially if the room faces the rising or setting sun.
Lastly, she says addressing drafty areas near doors and windows with additional insulation will ensure that the cold air stays inside the house and
the warm air
remains outside.