Bathroom being remodeled
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Expert-Approved Bathroom Upgrades That'll Boost Your Resale Value
Eric Bramlett, a real estate agent at Bramlett Residential, provides an exclusive interview to House Digest, sharing bathroom upgrade secrets that positively impact resale value.
"If budget allows, the best return on your spend would be to add a new bathroom if your home has the space," Bramlett states. This makes your home appealing to busy families.
If a brand new bathroom isn’t in your budget, Bramlett says, "[I]f your home has bathrooms with multiple bathtubs, I'd recommend swapping one of those tubs for a walk-in shower."
Bramlett has even more tips for impressive results on a budget. "[F]ocus on the parts of the bathroom that immediately draw the eye, such as the vanity unit," he explains.
He also notes, "Changing lighting, taps, or shower screens can make a huge impact on buyers. [...] [I]f your bathroom is fresh, modern, and inviting, that can only benefit you."