Gray kitchen cabinets
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Experts Explain Why Gray Is The Best Color For Your Kitchen Cabinets
Sophisticated yet grounded, gray is the color you should be aiming for with your kitchen cabinets, and many experts agree like creative director of deVOL Helen Parker.
Parker revealed, “Gray is everywhere, dark, and moody or light and uplifting. In a kitchen, it creates a calming air and can be a lovely backdrop for adding a splash of color.”
Valspar color marketing manager Sue Kim said, “Shades of gray are fantastic foundational colors [...] It can be the puzzle piece that brings all the colors in your home together.”
Alexandra Peck, owner of Alexandra Peck Designs, told, “Pale gray cabinets paired with silver toned or black hardware will give a more modern feel.”
Peck continued, “Pairing these same [gray] cabinets with warm toned hardware, like brass will give the kitchen a more traditional or transitional feel.”