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Extend The Life Of Your Hose With These Helpful Hacks
Fix Leaks
If there's water spraying everywhere from the connection site, it's often caused by a worn or damaged washer inside the connector. Simply replace it to fix the issue.
Replacement washers are available in various sizes and features. Just be sure to replace the old one with a fresh one that is the same size and type to ensure a proper fit.
Customize Hose
When you need a specific length of hose that's not available, craft a custom hose using scissors and connectors. This helps you make the most of available resources.
Not only will you be able to customize a hose to fit any space or situation, but you will be able to split your connection to run multiple hoses off of it with a splitter.
Winterize Hose
In colder temperatures, water left inside hoses can freeze, causing cracks and leaks. To prevent this, always drain your hose completely after each use.
Use an air compressor to drain the hose, or invest in a heated hose. Alternatively, store it coiled and disconnected from the water source in a garage or shed during winters.
Prevent Tangling
If your garden hose gets tangled in plants and obstacles too often while you're using it, create a custom barrier to keep the hose out of the garden.
DIY a barrier using basic items like a sturdy rebar to create a stake, a PVC pipe to cover it, and a protective cap for the very top. You can also buy pre-made hose guides.
Use Hose Stand
A hose stored on the ground is prone to tangles and damage from pests or lawnmowers. A hose stand keeps it off the ground, ensuring tidiness and preventing harm.
You can create a cost-effective and functional hose stand from a tire rim, as shown by TikToker @redeux_style. For a hassle-free solution, buy a stand and install it in your yard.