Person replacing LED light bulb
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Extend The Life Of Your LED Lights With One Handy Kitchen Staple
TikTok user @hyper_kelz shows how you can save your LED light bulbs using aluminum foil. The foil can turn a burnt out light bulb into a working one in a matter of minutes.
First, you need to remove the bulb’s protective globe and identify which LED has blown. There should be a small black mark on one of the LEDs.
Using a sharp tool, get rid of the yellow material covering the LED and replace it with a small piece of aluminum foil. Then, secure the foil in place with tape.
Safety should always be a top priority — make sure that the bulb is unplugged from any power before starting, and also ensure you're gentle when handling it.
By covering the damaged LED with foil, the continuous circuit within the light bulb is able to work properly, thereby saving yourself the cost of a new light bulb.