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Fig Tree: Everything You Should Know Before Planting
How To Plant
Fig trees can be planted in a pot or in the ground, and if you choose a pot, you will need to choose an appropriately sized container and potting soil mix with lots of drainage ability. If you choose the ground, you need to be careful where you place your tree, as the roots are strong and can damage structures.
How To Grow
The fig tree is not a finicky plant, so it will thrive even with a little neglect. However, important things to keep in mind are the size of its pot, the type of soil (sandy soil is best), and pruning, which should be done in the fall or early spring.
How To Care
In order to grow fruit, fig trees need to be in the sun for at least seven to eight hours a day, so make sure it gets a lot of sunlight. Fig trees in pots should be watered around every two weeks and fertilized every four weeks, whereas fig trees in the ground should simply be watered an inch each week.
The most common species of the fig tree is the Ficus carica, which has its own varieties including the Brown Turkey fig, Kadota fig, and Celeste fig. There are also fig trees that are hardier like the Chicago hardy fig tree and trees that are pollinated by wasps like the Bearded fig tree.
Are They Toxic?
While the fig tree’s fruit is only toxic to cats, the sap is toxic to humans and all pets, causing painful gastrointestinal symptoms and skin irritation if ingested or touched. If you have or want a fig tree, it's best to keep the plant in an area where children or pets can't access it.