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Fix Your Separated Laminate Floor Boards With This Duct
Tape Hack
Whether your laminate floor planks have separated due to humidity, issues with the locking mechanism, or a subfloor that isn't level, a roll of duct tape can fix it in seconds.
The home renovation TikTok account @baldbuildersandfriends posted a cost-effective hack that will help you fix the planks with just a bit of duct tape.
Unroll a foot-long piece of duct tape (don't cut it off the roll) and firmly stick it along the floorboard near the gap. Step on the tape attached to the floor to hold it in place.
Pull the roll of tape up, creating a line of tape perpendicular to the floor. Holding the roll, lift your foot and swiftly kick the tape in the direction of the gap to fix it.
Peel the tape off, and the extra space should be gone, saving the laminate flooring you slaved over.
To prevent the flooring from separating again, clean and apply wood glue to the edge of the plank before sliding it back into place.