Man mowing the lawn with even stripes
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Follow These Rules To Stripe Your Lawn Like A Pro
Keep It Tall
Tall, thick grass makes the striping effect more noticeable, so you should make sure to weed properly and let your lawn grow between 2 to 4 inches high before mowing.
This is because the blades of grass have to bend in order for the stripes to be visible. Cool season varieties, like rye and bluegrass, are best suited to this mowing method.
Add Weight
Several companies manufacture lawn striping systems, or kits, that attach to the back of a mower for between $100 to $200, or you can make your own using a PVC tube.
Once you acquire a lawn striping roller (be it purchased or DIY), you must add sand or gravel to it to create 25 to 33 pounds of extra weight necessary for it to work correctly.
Start Simple
Before trying more complicated patterns, you must master the basic up and down design. Mow the perimeter first, then create straight, parallel lines across your lawn.
If you want to experiment with designs, try a checkerboard. Simply mow the parallel lines like usual, then return to the perimeter and mow across them in the opposite direction.