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Follow This Professional Gardener Tip For Happy And Healthy Roses
Known as “heavy feeders,” roses need nutrients throughout their growth cycle to achieve colorful, long-lasting blooms. Using fertilizer ensures they receive adequate nutrients.
However, fertilizing needs to be done in a particular way to avoid stress or harm to your roses. An efficient way to do this is by watering them before and after fertilizing.
On the Martha Stewart website, expert Kristen Smith advises watering roses before feeding if the soil is very dry to “prevent the flower from taking nutrients up too quickly.”
The Garden Design website recommends using organic fertilizers with bone meal as they break down easily, improve soil quality, add nutrients, and protect against pests and diseases.
Note that not all roses require as much fertilizing as others, so fertilize them according to the variety you’ve planted. Pay attention to their watering and pruning needs too.
Check the weather forecast and hold off on fertilizing if heavy rains are imminent so you can control the amount of water your plants receive and avoid overwatering.