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For A Seamless Corner Fitting, Try This Clever Wood Cutting Trick
With this easy DIY project, you can create a miter joint that’s used to join planks at a 90-degree angle, often required for door frames, window frames, tables, and corner molding.
Like a picture frame, a miter joint is created by joining two pieces of wood cut at 45-degree angles. It’s not for projects that bear a lot of weight as it can crack or pull apart.
A miter joint is a subtype of a butt joint, and to create it, you’ll need a saw, nails, glue, and two pieces of wood of the same shape and width, with the ends exactly squared off.
In a corner of a room, place one wood plank on the left side so that it butts up against the right wall. Then, push the other plank up on the right so it touches the first plank.
Using the visible edge of the right-hand piece of wood as a straight edge, draw a line on the left-hand piece of wood, then reverse and draw a line on the right piece of wood.
Then, draw a line at a 45-degree angle across the top of both planks from the line you drew to the corner. Saw off the excess and fit the planks together to form a 90-degree angle.