A woman painting kitchen cabinets
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For A Seamless Kitchen Remodel, Follow These Property Brothers Tips
Standard Cabinets
For Jonathan and Drew Scott, splurging on luxury cabinets isn't advised. Jonathan said, “[T]he quality of pre-fabricated cabinets is way better than it ever was.”
You can also make pre-fabricated cabinets look custom to elevate their look by adding crown molding, replacing the doors, or using unique hardware.
High kitchen cabinets may be irksome, but they're useful. Jonathan said, “You have to have upper cabinets unless you have a huge abundance of storage in a pantry.”
Using taller cabinets can help give the illusion that your ceilings are higher. By extending that main feature vertically, you can draw the eyes up and visually expand the room.
Add Color
The Property Brothers always emphasize adding color, especially on kitchen cabinets. Use paint as a way to create an accent by opting for a two-toned kitchen.
Accomplish a two-toned kitchen by painting the island one color and the rest of the cabinets another. You can also paint the upper and lower kitchen cabinets two different colors.